TGI360 works with museums, art galleries, restaurants, retailers and real estate companies to create seamless, sophisticated, and highly realistic interactive virtual tours for visitors, clients and potential customers. The tours are custom-made on your premises to give the viewer the best perspective of your space. Using the click of a mouse or tap on a mobile device, your clients will be able to virtually enter your business and look around the space. They click where they want to go and move at their own pace. These tours can be designed to allow a client to tap on specific items, such as artworks, for details and a closer view. In a real estate application, the customer can get close up views of fixtures, specifications such as room dimensions, or any other pertinent information you would like to make available right inside the tour.

360º panoramic tours can be additionally provided as self-running videos, like this one for the Robert Mann Gallery in New York

TGI360 has many years of experience in the professional commercial photography industry. This means that your final virtual tour will be properly corrected for light and color, professionally retouched as needed, and delivered precisely to your specifications.

Pace/MacGill art gallery, New York – interactive 360º tour

Custom video output of the same tour for use on social media sites, send to clients in an email,  or inserted directly into a gallery website.

This cutting-edge experience allows your business to reach many more clients, on a global basis, in the most convenient manner, 24/7, at a very reasonable price. The interactive panoramic virtual tour will be your most powerful new marketing tool for approaching the broadest possible audience.

Yale Center for British Art, New Haven – interactive 360º museum exhibition tour

The TGI360 photography team also works as a verified Googlemaps photography group and provides professional quality exterior (Google Streetview) and 360 interior pictures to be applied to the native Google software so that your business is given the best possible representation on the world’s most popular search engine.



maple_hillPlease Contact Us for more details, explanation, and pricing according to your needs. TGI360 works with businesses large and small, simple and complex. The final product may include 360 panoramic tours, still images, videos, exteriors, and other add-ons, based on your requirements, at your discretion. Our team is ready to help you create a refined, superior tour to allow customers near and far to walk through your door and experience your offerings, at any time, at their own convenience.

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